Why should I purchase from this website instead of directly from the store or from a different website?

This website is an affiliate sales site. When you purchase items from here, you are helping to support the work of the Moment of Kindness Foundation and No Such Thing as a Bully as we work to offer original and action oriented solutions to issues of bullying.

Have team members tried every product listed?

Not every product, but several. A lot of the products are ideas that Kelly seeks out to share with clients who are seeking wellness in specific areas.

Where did the idea for this come from?

Kelly brings peace to people's lives face to face everyday. She is constantly seeking solutions to everyday problems that are so much more common than most people think. To do this, she is referring people to other professionals all the time! The time has come to gather this information in one place, and make it easy for people to bring peace to all areas of their lives!

I have a product that changed my life! Do you want to know about it?

We have a special page for all of your favorite products, and we definitely want to know about it. Please email kelly@nosuchthingasabully.com